Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Converting my kids' playroom into a green space.

Guest post written by Bryan Reese

One of my kids' favorite things to do is make art. They both go through so much paper, glue, markers and all kinds of other things. But using all those materials can be really wasteful. I thought that maybe I would make some adjustments in there to where they could still express their creativity, but make less waste along the way.

I went online to find some ideas about how I could reach those goals while still letting my kids be creative. While I was online researching that, I came across some information about TexasElectricityProviders and decided to sign up for a household energy plan that I found with that information.

For my kids playroom, I came up with the idea to buy some blackboard paint and paint pieces of wood with it to hang in picture frames. Then my kids can draw on them and I can hang them up on the wall. Then when they get tired of them, they'll just draw something new on them! I think they'll really like that.

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Kristine said...

that is a pretty good idea. I'm definitely going to do this to my child's room when the time comes.