Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Little Man

So I took the time to do a "glamour shot" of my dog. Yes...that's right, I did a photo sesh with Olive.

Here is the product of my work-

AHHHH!!!! Am I the biggest dork or is that not adorable??? It looks like a real studio portrait! And his face! He just looks so distinguished.

If Olly had a profile on one of those dating websites this would totally be his pic. Oh man...sometimes I just crack myself up. ;-)

Also, check out Olive's outfit of the day-


Sey said...

that was just fabulous. Let's go and find Olive a date.

Ms Kayso said...

hahaha how cute!

♥ helen said...

He is so cute and beautiful. I love his ears - sometimes up and sometimes down :) Thanks for sharing, and he has a nice outfit.

FantasyGirl said...

かわいい!So cute. :)