Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm going to see the President!

The president of the United States is coming to my little area today. I happen to have inside info as to where he will be and when so I am pretty excited!

No matter what your political party the office of presidency deserves respect...I do not identify myself with either party but I can still recognize that this is a neat opportunity for the county's businesses.

I'll be updating my twitter through out the days adventures so please stay tuned! If we haven't befriended each other on twitter yet please follow me and I will follow you back! Here is the link to my page- rachel_dancing

Have a fabulous day everyone!


Meg O. said...

How awesome! I would totally go see the President, no matter who it is! I agree - our President deserves respect no matter what! Hope you have a blast!

Ms Kayso said...

That is pretty cool! I deleted my twitter so I hope you write a post on it!

Oh I have been meaning to tell you, now that you are doing your youtube videos. Can you feature your accessories on it rather than just pictures? Something about seeing things live makes a huge difference for me and may work for other people. Now I really want that patchwork bag you have, but I see that is sold out. Let me know when you get another one!!

Anonymous said...

How Exciting!!!!!!!

Mary Nevin said...

how amazing!! he's something to watch in person! can't wait to hear about it