Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bluefly & Prada...Oh My!

I love a great deal…and with online shopping becoming more prevalent I find myself hunting the internet for my fashion fix. Bluefly is my current addiction. The site carries everything from accessories to jeans for men and women alike!

Today I discovered that the website also carries Prada shoes! Most of us know Prada for its handbags and purses, but let me tell you, they make a fantastic shoe as well! Ankle boots, platform pumps, patent leather sneakers…you name it, they have it! When I saw the black suede platform sandals I just about died and went to heaven. I am also lusting over the black suede platform pumps. They are oh so classic. Perfect for work or a night out.

It’s funny how I went to bluefly just to browse for a few minutes and soon found my entire afternoon engulfed in their fabulous fashions. This girl better close her laptop and get back to work….but I will be dreaming about those platform sandals.


lindsay said...

hey love! thanks for sharing this place with us. i'm always on the look out for some new online stores ♥ hope you're having a great day!


debwagner said...

I checked it out. Most definitely eye candy! Thanks for sharing!

dwtsfan said...

I'm obsessed with shoes too. I could spend hours looking at them, LOL!

Silly Girl said...

I love shoes. It gives me another source. Thanks!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I've never experienced Prada but do know they are expensive and quality items.

Found you via Tuesday blog hop.
CJ xx

Meg O. said...

Oh yes, Prada definitely carries shoes. My mom has a pair that I like to steal, uh, I mean, borrow every now and then. ;)