Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Busy Bee!

In our town there is an Expo Center which hosts a verity of events. Several times a year they have an "indoor market" where vendors are given a table to sell their merchandise. Oh how I've been longing to get my hands on one of those tables!!

About a month ago I filled out an application for Jazz It Up to host a table. And guess what???

I got it!!!

I'm so excited! My mind is swirling with ideas. The table needs to be ready by 8 am Saturday morning so I am moving at warp speed to get my inventory stocked and my table decorations made. I just received a new order of purses that I'm very excited to include. I also finished a couple new jewelry pieces.

To top it off we've had quite the busy week at the dress shop with clients needing to be styled for the Holidays. Needless to say I've been quite busy!

I have had my mind on my future baby nonstop lately. I've been filled with wonder concerning when we will get a call from our adoption agency and just basically felt a huge longing to become a mother. I am truly blessed that I have these distractions to keep my mind occupied while we wait.


sara said...

Congrats and good luck! Those shows are so exciting, plus you typically get some great feedback.

And it's always good to have distractions while you wait!

(Florida) Girl said...

Good luck with that table! I used to sell jewelry and those tables were always my most successful strategy.

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

thats so awesome about your table ! good luck ! i hope it turns out great ! and with the baby , keep your head high ! im very excited for you with that as well ! babies are the topping to a perfect family ![:

i gave you blog award on my blog !

Miss Sara said...

Have fun w/ it!

& I think it's wonderful that you're adopting, but I hear that process can be stressful & lengthy. In the end, it will all be worth it. ;)

~Rachel~ said...

Thanks ladies! The encouragement put a smile on my face!