Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taking a leap!!!

As most of you know Jazz It Up is my accessory line. I started it as a creative outlet that really helped me battle depression and anxiety. Then, when we began our adoption, I started putting any money made through Jazz It Up into our "future child fund". This seemed to connect me even more to my business and it has caused me to fall in love with it on an entirely new level.

Now I've decided to add a line of purses to Jazz. I am working with a company from California to pick some fabulous designs. I have placed my first order and I am so excited and nervous for the bags to arrive!! I can't wait to post them on my site to see how they do. I pray they sister thinks they will.

I'm going to give ya a little preview of what is to come...

As always I love to hear your feedback. I am going to price these purses as low as I possible can because my motto has always been to provide accessories at an affordable price. :-)

Have a fabulous day blogger friends!!!


♥ helen said...

You are so smart to let your creative part help you through anxiety and depression. I know very well how it is to live with anxiety, it has put me down too. But I wany to tell you - after I got my children it is better, the anxiety is not gone, but not so strong as it used to be. I don`t know why, maybe I just became to busy with beeing a mother.
The bags are beautiful - they would not look right with my boring clothes, but my favourite is the one in the bottom. Good luck with your Jazz It Up :)

La Belle Vie said...

These are gorgeous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the second one! The red classic quilting with a modern buckle. Good luck in your endeavors!

Nancy said...

I LOVE the Peace sign purse!
I am a new follower.I hope you will follow me back.

Krissy said...

THOSE ARE SO CUTE!! I started my business to help with my anxiety and depression as well. :)

Following you from FMBT! I love style of your blog & can't wait to read more!! :) I hope you can follow us back! We have some great giveaways going on and will have even more giveaways every week until Christmas! Hope you can visit us!

Mommy Miscellaneous

sara said...

love the 2nd and 3rd ones! so so cute!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE them!! Can't wait until you are selling them! I'm always on the look out for a purse!

Erin Wallace said...

Great purses! I love the one with the flower on the front.

xo Erin