Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hermit Crab

Hello, my name is Hermit. Hermit Crab. I like to be alone. I've blown off pretty much everything other then work in trade for my comfy cozy home.

Seriously ladies, that's been me this week. I've had absolutely no desire for socialization. The human contact I have to endure at work is enough for me. This is how I get sometimes...and I think the whole adoption fiasco last week did me in.

This weekend a good friend of mine is staring in a local production of the musical RENT. Me and a few girls agreed to have dinner, drinks, and go to the Friday show. The problem is I'm just not in the mood to answer the question "How is the adoption going?" I just don't really want to talk about it. What I'd rather do is cuddle up with a good book and my hubby. I could always go see my friend in RENT on Saturday or Sunday. Alone....I know it sounds weird but I like being alone and I'm totally ok flying solo to a show.

So what do you think...should I cancel on the Friday night out and stay in? Or should I suck it up, go out, and break free from my Hermit Crab week?


Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

Hey, Hermit! I would totally stay in. In fact thats what I'm doing this weekend. It's all rainy over here and that's prime snuggle weather :) We might make some cookies and rent a few movies.

I like being alone too. I have no problem going to the movies or nice restaurant alone. I usually see is at a treat to myself :)

Danielle said...

Okay so I totally don't know you, and I am an extrovert...but you may be needing some encouragement, and some time away to think about other things...enjoy being with people who care about you and who you care about! If the adoption question comes up (which it did for me all the time), just be honest with how hard it is and you might be encouraged by the support you get!!!

Sandra said...

I think Hermit Crab Week should come to an least till the end of Rent!

Cindy S said...

I understand how you are feeling. I totally get it. It is okay to have your Hermit Crab time but try to get out at least a little. Baby steps.