Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feels Like a New Blog!

Welcome to my new, more intimate blog! I seriously feel like a new blogger now that I have only the ones who really want to be here following. It feels like a giant slumber party...doesn't it? (Or maybe it's just me...)

Anyway, I am going to be fusing together my other blog (Recovery Through My Eyes) and this blog so that I can just have one place to gather all my thoughts and out world!

On Recovery Through My Eyes I made a "bucket list" so to speak. I thought I'd share it here and hopefully you all can hold me accountable for accomplishing some/all/most of the following-

  • Take dance lessons { was a childhood/teenage passion of mine}
  • Continue with Yoga
  • Finish my degree {once & for all! I have my Early Childhood degree but still need to finish a few more credits and student teach to be certified as a lead teacher.}
  • TRAVEL!!
  • Make more time for family & friends
  • Successfully adopt our first child
  • Rescue another animal {or 6}
  • Raise awareness {possibly through public speaking} about eating disorders
  • Run a 10k {healthfully!!!}
  • Really truly veg a whole day of nothing but eating, watching TV, & napping.
  • Ride my bike more places
  • Succeed in my own business...whatever that may entail!
  • Become that inner foodie that I know I am!! This means experiencing more restaurants & learning to cook a bigger variety of foods. I have a passion for this, but my ED held me back.
  • Become less afraid of asking for help.
  • Be truly happy...count all my little blessings.

1 comment:

Sey said...

I feel so lucky today haha! You invited me. Thanks!!! I love your list and it makes me wanna create my own bucketlist too. I Love riding bikes and buying a new one is on my list, plus I'm a teacher too! Yay for Teachers.

Thanks again for the invitation!