Friday, September 10, 2010

“I like to ride my bicycle; I like to ride my bike!”

Guess who got herself a new set of wheels?? (Well actually, hubster got it for me...)

Isn't she a beauty?!? So vintage! I love how high I sit on this bike, it is so easy on my back.

And the seat? VERY comfy! I did all my morning commuting on it. I can't wait to go on another ride. To me fall is the perfect time of year to ride bike. Do any of you enjoy bike riding?

On a side note...after a few nights with very little sleep I finished our portfolio!!! I don't think the pages are quite as sharp as the first one but for the little time I had I think it is decent. I might post some pics of it in the future but I'm just not as proud of this one as the last.

Well, that is all for now...I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Mary Nevin said...

what a beautiful bike!! awesome queen quote by the way :) have fun!!

Rachel W. said...

Ha, good job Mary!! I was wondering if anyone would pick up the Queen quote. :-)

sEy said...

One of the things I love the most is bike, and I used to ride one with my father accompanying me going to places! Yours is so gorgeous!! Happy weekend Rachel:)

P.S. I'm glad you're done with the portfolio

Meg O. said...

"...I want to ride my biCYCLE I want to ride it where I liiiiiike!!!!"

What an incredibly cute bicycle! I love it! Good job, hubby!

The Fitness Guru said...

Riding a bike is good for the soul. I love to ride mine. Hey - I'm new to your blog am starting one myself. Can you come over and check it out??!