Monday, August 16, 2010

Blog Journal--Day #6--20 Favorite Things

Honestly, I am a gal who loves "favorite things"...this list could have been at least 100. But I will follow the rules and keep it at 20. ;-)

♥Long Autumn days♥

♥Getting lost in a book♥

♥French Vanilla Cappuccino♥

♥Going out for dinner with friends♥

♥My pink laptop!♥

♥Sunday morning church services ♥

♥A long run♥

♥Relaxation yoga♥

♥Making jewelry♥

♥Late night musings with my husband♥

♥Going on hikes♥


♥Funky and creative outfits♥

♥Road trips or any type of travel♥

♥Lying on the beach and listening to the waves crash the shore♥

♥Decorating a bare room♥

♥Women who embrace who they are with self confidence♥

♥Watching football with the boys♥

♥My min pin Olive♥

♥Writing (Journals and blogs!)♥


Meg O. said...

Love this! Great list!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

Women who embrace who they are with self confidence♥

Cheers to that.

sEy said...

I love books and pink too. I saw that laptop of yours and it's so cool. Thanks for sharing these facts. We're getting to know you more.

janjan said...

i love gelato too!