Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Journal--Day #1--Favorite Song

When other 14 year olds were listening to N’Sync and Hanson I was jammin’ out to Counting Crows and Van Morrison.

My dad (a former morning show DJ turned grade school principal) always had a great taste in music. I would raid his music stash more often than I would my peer’s collections.

Although it pains me to pick only one favorite song I will have to go with a Counting Crows number. And because I’ve always been able to tap my feet to this one I’m going to pick "Hangin Around" from the “This Desert Life” album.

Check it out by clicking here- Hangin' Around--Counting Crows

1 comment:

Meg O. said...

I was raised on Led Zeppelin and CCR. Way to go on the great taste in music!!