Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Life Happenings

Hello lovelies!

I have been so incredibly busy lately that I feel I’ve left my little blog neglected.

I’m sure you are just dying to know why I’ve been so busy….it’s kept you up at night, hasn’t it? (wink wink)

One of the main reasons is my summer writing class...

It is very demanding. The instructor reminds me of Gordon Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen only she is an English/Composition instructor, not a chief. She belittles us in order for us to stay motivated. Just yesterday she said to the class:

“You are not nearly advanced enough writers to do a research paper on anything medical, so you must pick a different topic.”

Damn. There goes my idea of doing a research paper on the affects of eating disorders. And I feel I’m highly qualified to write about that. Now I’m thinking I’ll do my paper on the affects of a crabby writing instructor on a student’s self esteem. Hehehe, I’m so sassy.

The adoption process has kept us busy as bees. With all the paper work, preparation of our home, and workshops this is most certainly starting to feel more real! Sometimes I am just in awe of the fact that in a year or so we could be holding our precious child.

The fashion world has been bustling which equals more hours for yours truly. I have had some really fun opportunities as far as styling women go. I’ve also dipped my hands into more displays and things of that nature. As much as I absolutely adore my job I can’t wait for things to slow down a little bit.

On another note…my birthday is in 8 days!!! I found a super cute dress at Maurice’s that I’m going to be breaking in that day. Shhhh, don’t tell the high fashion world I got a cute dress on sale at Maurice’s…my boss would kill me!

It's Aztec Inspired with a smocked wast band. All in all a very comfortable dress and the style is totally me.

My Aunt Cathie (who is also one of my best friends) is coming into town with her family for the occasion. We will be having a family gathering at my house on July 4th for a duel celebration of Independence Day and my birth! YAY! I’m very excited. I picked an Angel Food Cake with fresh strawberries and whip cream on top. Knowing me we will have to throw some ice cream in there too.

That is a summary of the current happenings in my life. I'm busy, but blessed. I hope all of you have been well. Have a fabulous day!


Lynzy said...

Found you through veritable ally!

I'm now following, follow me?

xo Lynzy

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the follow! I work for a family lawyer and we do adoptions all the time. I know how much is involved and how stressful, but exciting, they can be. I wish you and your new litle one tons of joy and love!

sEy said...

Super advance happy birthday and a double celebration with your family around would be a great day.

The dress is cute. I like the Aztec paint on the lower part and it goes well with the black fabric on top. I'm pretty sure you'll look good, Don't worry I won't tell your boss and the high fashion world. Let them be envious - ha-ha-ha!

I am very happy though you have so much and so busy as a bee with regards to the adoption, in the end everything will be worth it and soon you'll have your precious child. He/she would be very lucky.

P.S. I am scared of your writing professor....don't tell him okay!

janjan said...

Advance Happy Birthday Rachel and happy celebration on the fourth of July. That was a cute dress. I'm sure it will look good on you. Looking fab while on the go hehehe..

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by from Friday-Follow to say hello.
Thanks for playing.Please post our image so people know to comment and follow.
Have a great day!

Cat said...

“You are not nearly advanced enough writers to do a research paper on anything medical, so you must pick a different topic.”

That is SOOO irritating and, in my opinion, incorrect.

What makes someone qualified to write about important topics such as health? Is it education? Number of publications? Or is it something more like openness of heart, principles of respect, combined with natural talent or experience? I'd wager the latter.

I'm in the business of writing about health and mental health as a career, and I can tell you that I could have done this before all my education, but people seem to think what I say is more valid now. It's bothersome.

Ok I want to keep going, but rant over. Time for coffee and work.