Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A lil work situation

Ya all know I don’t like to complain. I try my best to keep this blog positive. HOWEVER sometimes a girl just has to rant. So here I go…

I had a rare Monday off which I spent part of picking up dresses for my boss from the seamstress. No big deal. BUT when I got into work on Tuesday on my desk sat a little note from my co-worker Amy. It read-

“I didn’t have time to do the sign, I was so busy!” and it proceeded to tell me what I needed to put on the sign.

A little background: Amy always likes to announce how busy she is at work even though she and I do essentially the same job and I am just as busy. I NEVER whine about how much I have to do.

The sign is sort of everyone’s pain in the ass. I normally work Mondays so I normally have to do the sign. I get to work about 15 minutes earlier on those days just so I can have it finished before clients start coming in for me to style. No biggie…but on my ONE Monday off of the summer I was looking forward to not having to do the sign. I didn’t get to work 15 minutes earlier because I didn’t expect to have a sign to complete. Not to mention the message for the sign was long and tedious. I ended up having to open and then complete the sign with phone calls, invoices, and clients coming in by the minute.

We keep record of the clients we’ve styled throughout the day so I decided to take a peek and see how much revenue Amy had on such a busy day. $250. That’s it. And we are a high end store. So $250 is nothing, maybe a few accessories at best. How busy could she have been if that is all she sold?!?

I wasn’t sure how to deal with this situation. Amy and I actually get along. Our husbands are in the same line of work so we have some things in common. I didn’t want to rat her out and I didn’t know how to approach her so the actress in me got to work…

I decided I would lay out all the sign letters and be filing them away ferociously when the boss walked in. Then maybe she’d catch on. So I spread the letters on my desk and watched out the window for boss lady to roll up. When she did I started working feverishly on filing the letters.

Boss Lady: “Are you changing the sign?!?”

Me: “Well, it wasn’t changed from last week; Amy wrote me a note saying I should do it.”

Boss Lady (Rolls her eyes and glances down at the desk): “Is this the note?!?”

Me (nonchalantly): “Yes, it is.”

Boss Lady: “Busy?! She didn’t have any clients by the time I had left! In fact she was doing personal work most of the day.”

And that ended our conversation. I didn't squeal on Amy…but now Bossy Lady knows that Amy tends to pass the buck to me. And my boss is the type of lady that will remember this situation.

After my boss left I had a huge laugh out of the fact that Amy was doing personal work yet claimed to me she was too busy to do the sign. Guess what honey? I’ve got your number…YOU’RE LAZY. And I will not be tricked into doing your jobs.

I am a nice girl; I pick up extra work all the time with no protest. I genuinely love what I do so I don’t mind doing extra. But I am NOT the kind of girl that likes to be lied to. I am not ignorant…I will figure it out.

You may think I am over-reacting, and if this was the first time something like this had happened then maybe I would be. But this is not the first time. Amy is very talented in the area of handing off tedious jobs and has done similar things many times before.

I haven’t decided yet if I should mention anything about the sign to Amy personally. Now that the boss knows I may have done enough.

I was a little worked up about all this so when I got home from work I did what I do best…Create.

This is my “Dreamer Necklace”. It is a simple silver chain, pendant, and two charms. It’s pretty, don’t you think? I posted it on my Jazz It Up site if any of you are interested in more details.

After doing a little jewelry making I calmed down and I am feeling better. It is amazing how something simple like that has the power to relax me.

I hope all you bloggy friends had a fabulous start to your week. Sorry for my long-winded post…I just needed to get it out of my system!


Debbie(single;complicated) said...

very pretty necklace. I completely understand why you found the situation frustrating!

sara said...

I've had co-workers who behaved the same way and it always drove me crazy! If you really are busy I have no problem helping, but if you just don't feel like doing it...well that's a whole different story!

sEy said...

I think I know someone like that and actually she's a friend. Before, I am helping her with her reports when I'm done with mine, thought it's not part of my job, just for friendship sake, however sometimes people tend to cross their boundaries and doesn't care for others anymore. She came to a point that every Friday, she would just told me she sent me something and when I opened the attached file I saw the reports and told me I already knew what I had to do then saw her browsing facebook and downloading songs.

Sorry for ranting here too! I can really relate to the situation and understand your point. I think you did the right thing! btw.....I love your accessories @ Jazz it Up!

Capricorn Soap Company said...

I had a coworker like this once, too. Highly annoying. Always full of complaints, always ready to pass the buck off to someone else. But when there is praise or awards to be distributed, they are the first person to say how much they did and how worthy they are! Ugh! I hope that doesn't happen again.

I love you creations!

Meg O. said...

When you're as nice as you sound at your job you will be rewarded! Someone was lookin' out for ya! :) I'd say next time, you just say "Sorry, Amy. Can't do it today." Simple and not mean. Love the necklace, too.

janjan said...

It's all right to rant Rachel. Sometimes you just have to let it all out. BTW, the necklace is it!

Lana said...

You go girl! You did what most people just dream of doing. Once you roll over, you will be rolled over!

Stop in and see me at

Jennifer said...

You are awesome! I think you handled the situation in the perfect way! Good for you.

The necklace is beautiful btw.