Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Real Woman

A Real Women...

Does not measure her worth on the scale

Does not scold herself for enjoying chocolate

Takes time to enjoy the little things in life

Sets an example of confidence and self worth

Multi-tasks like a pro but realizes she can’t be everywhere at once and is ok with that.

Can entertain a house full of friends and family but also takes time for quietness and reflection

Knows that a little bit of makeup can help polish her look, but too much makeup hides her true beauty

Knows that quality time with family and friends need to be captured and remembered so she writes, takes pictures, or video records special occasions

Does not beat herself up over the size on her dress…she is fully aware that is just a number

Prays because she knows she is not invincible

Has a heart of gold and uses this to help others

Invokes passion in what she does

Thinks before she speaks but is not afraid to let her voice be heard

Stands up for what she believes, even if she is standing alone

Loves her curves and is proud of her body, no matter the shape or size

Is not influenced by the media’s standard of beauty

Knows that bashing someone else does not make her prettier, smarter, or a better person.

Has a strong faith which she uses to inspire those around her

Realizes that wrinkles and grey hairs are inevitable and embraces her age

Makes her house a home

Can empathize with others, a quality which makes her a distinctly unique leader

Knows when to keep fighting and when it is time to just let go

Is aware that she may slip up in all of the areas listed above, which is what makes her human. And she is at peace with that.

I wrote this little ditty in honor of all the strong and confident women that I have been blessed to know. Let’s take time to reflect on what true beauty really consists of! It’s so much more then outward appearances. Feel free to share what true beauty means to you...I'd love to hear your thoughts!


sara said...

Well said! For me it's shifted tremendously since the addition of my Pie. Now true beauty is the feeling I have when she is so happy to see me that her fat, little legs just can't stay still.

Jennifer said...

Wow, Rachel, this is really good! I think that true beauty is what's on the inside of a person. The other stuff can all fade, but it's truly how you live your life and treat other people. So many of the things you wrote are the things I think of.

We can all get caught up in what the media and society say is beautiful or what size you should be. I know I have. Even recently I commented on wanting to lose weight. But, that's not because of how others think I look. It's how I feel in my body right now. When I'm in better shape I just feel better and of course my asthma is better maintained.

Anyway...I'm blabbing. Thanks for posting this. It can never be said enough. You are awesome girlie!

sEy said...

that was well said! It boosted my self confidence. I believe that true beauty doesn't rely on physical appearance only, it should also comes from within!

I love your posts!

janjan said...

love this post rachel. allow me to share this link to my friends so they will find the real essence of beauty.

Erin Wallace said...

This is WONDERFUL! I'm gonna Twitter this one!

xo Erin

Rachel W. said...

Yes ladies, by all means, re-post this wherever you’d like! It’s a message I feel passionate about so I’d love for it to spread. :-)

Kim said...

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Have a great weekend!

The Jaded Vixen said...

Spot right you are!
Look forward to getting your posts via RSS!

I found you via bloghop...Hope you enjoy

J.V. x

Ron Cooper said...

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Carolee Sperry said...

That was great! I love it, except I still have a hard time with the grey hairs!

I'm gong to follow you- have a great weekend!

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