Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adoption Update!

This adoption is starting to seem more real to me now!

We have a ton of paper work…YAY! That’s right folks; I am excited about the paper work.

This summer we will enter the world of adoption trainings, birthparent letters, and family portfolios.

The highlight of our meeting-

I told the social worker that I understood a time frame is hard to give but I asked her on average what their placement time was. She told me it could be anywhere from 2 weeks after the home study to 2 years. But then she said “I don’t think you two will have any problem getting picked." She also made several references to us being picked within a year.

We both left the meeting very excited. Of course money will be a little tight while trying to fund this adoption. We are doing well financially but throwing this adoption into the mix will defiantly change things.
We are going to try to have a garage sale this summer with the proceeds going to our adoption. I also have my accessory line Jazz It Up which we put towards the adoption.

I hope and pray this road isn’t too difficult. But I am ready to meet the challenges head on.

I am so eager to meet my little one. And it may not be that far off.


janjan said...

sounds like great news. :)

Cindy S said...

Yay! That is so wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Awesome news!! I felt the same way about the paperwork. We had our individual interviews this past week. Monday we do our joint interview and then Wednesday our SW is coming out to do our home inspection. He said he'll get our paperwork turned in ASAP and then we can be matched. It's finally starting to happen....for both of us!!! Yea!!

debwagner said...

What great news! I could just picture you getting picked right away. I hope you do! Keep us updated.

sEy said...

that is such a great news :) keep kickin' and good luck to the garage sale. You can do it!