Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jazz It Up, my creative outlet

Alright, so I was a little down in the dumps with my last post.

Truth be told, I still am disappointed, but tapping into my creative side last night really helped me feel better about the social worker situation.

I started a little hair accessory line last summer called “Jazz It Up”. It’s been fun. It’s not extremely profitable but I wasn’t in it for the money, more just for the joy of creating something.

Recently I’ve decided to extend Jazz It Up adding necklaces, hand bags, and earrings. I decided that all of the profits would go towards our adoption.

Last night I finally got around to posting some of my new pieces on the Jazz It Up website. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!

Here is the link- http://www.jazzmyhair.com/

And here is a little sample of what I make-

Don’t feel obligated to purchase, just give me your feedback!

If you do happen to like something I am going to offer 10% off to all blogger friends today. The prices are very affordable, I promise. :-)

Have a fabulous day everyone!


VKT said...


I will tell my 21 year old about your jewelry. I love the earrings. They look like something she would wear. Good luck with your jewelry sales and adoption.

Salt said...

I'm here from the Tuesday follow and really love your blog! Those earrings are fantastic and I'm also loving the Adventurer necklace. (I have a thing for awesome statement necklaces and headbands.)

Cynthia said...

I love those earrings!! :)

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Lauren said...

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Together We Save said...

Love both of them!!

sEy said...

saying hello from Follow me back tuesday.

I read your previous post about the social worker, don't worry, everything will gonna be alright.

blessings will come your way. just believe.


Jennifer said...

Oh Rachel, you are so talented. I love your stuff! If I didn't have a pair of earrings so similar I would snatch those up. I'm going to have to keep checking back there for new stuff!

Beth said...

Hope you're feeling better- jewelry is beautiful!

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Happy Tuesday!

janjan said...

love the earrings! its gorgeous.